Friday, February 25, 2011

Material things are not what is important (#756)

What do I mean by that? I mean to say that the things we make and buy that are material have a function but they are not what define us. If I had to lose everything, I would be glad for the loss if it left me intact. My life and who I am within my life is the most important thing. I bring this subject up to express my thoughts on the present difficulty so many Americans are facing today. I see a lot of anguish and stress because of the imminent loss so many are experiencing. But I also see the grace some have found in the knowledge that whatever happens will not take from them their life or the ability to be who they are. Our society is a changing dynamic and those many and significant who wield the power have taken their own considerations to the extent that many are left without a way to support themselves. It is in the confusion and chaos where I see principles rise up above the circumstances. Most do not, and fight tooth and nail in an ever losing battle to submit to change while a few are sensible and at ease with the presents immediate future. I am always admiring of those who teach by example and when I do see it I am obliged to point it out. Not to say that fear has not been felt by those affected but how they handle the fear is the greatness I get to witness. Courage is not gained before the fear, it is gained after the fear and despite it. Somehow and someway we will all survive these troubling times but it is in the how our character is applied to the reality that will get us through it. Acceptance of reality is the first step, then a will to change despite the fear is next. I always feel that when I see someone trying to help themselves, then is when I want to help them as well.

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