Sunday, February 27, 2011

Our preservation (#758)

The need to survive is inherent within us. It is one of those absolutes that never really needs to be questioned. It is defined by "struggle" and requires us to help each other in order to realize it over a lifetime. I hear those speak of being solely individual and that is our true nature but I say, how could I live without being birthed by another? How can I stay alive without the care of another? How can I be protected from nature without the care from another? I can only be an individual if others help me! I bring this up to recognize and show support for community and sharing with each other. I hear those who say that my giving to someone else is wrong, that they should find a way to receive what they need without being given to by anyone else. they think that any kind of charity or good will toward each other should not exist. The survival of the fittest mentality. I am awestruck at the absurdity of their position especially since they were nurtured by others. It is a hypocritical outlook as well as an impractical one. Unforeseen events happen all the time on this volatile planet both environmentally and socially. If we do not act as a unit to be able to withstand them then we are prone to being at greater risk of losing our struggle to survive. I cannot claim to need only myself and then not practice that ideology in it's fullest. Reason dictates to me that being a member of a society that protects our freedoms and offers us equal opportunities without privilege or favor, gives us the best chance to win the struggle for our lives to exist over their natural course. In the thought, "we are only as strong as our weakest link", can we begin to understand the interdependence and emotional growth of our own selves and the other inherent natures of curiosity and compassion that also exist within us. I would say that in being individuals, who strive to live within a community, do we truly have the best chance to win our struggle to survive.

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