Saturday, May 28, 2011

Defending the honorable and the weak (#848)

It used to be a given that heroic acts and deeds were obvious when they were necessary. Like pulling someone out of danger or helping improve some social inequality. Now it seems that many have no longer the ideal that represents giving of oneself for the benefit of another. A new strain of thought has been accepted in many circles that heroism is defined by what we don't do as opposed to what we do. In essence, in some minds it is heroic to leave those who need help to help themselves, regardless of the circumstance. A sort of tough love doctrine but associated with most all paradigms of life. There are those who think that we as individuals are better served with enabling ourselves in most all situations. Although those who do advocate for us to be almost completely self-sufficient already have what it takes to do so. There are few if any who have little to nothing who prescribe to this mindset. For me a message is lost in the translation of such a doctrine, self-sufficiency. It is true that we need to be self-sufficient but the inequality of starting points is an enormous divide. Certainly, in a perfect world where all are starting from an equal vantage point, self-sufficiency is a good rule of thumb. However in our present society, Most humans have little resource or opportunity to excel on the same level as those who enjoy privilege and wealth. This self-sufficiency standard, which again in principle is forthright, when applied in an equal setting, is at present just another wedge to keep our humanity segregated. I prefer to see the world as it is, in a state of unequal possibilities that clearly benefit one small part of humanity while lessening a greater portion of beings. I take the reasonable stance that I will defend equality until I am no longer or equality has become reality.

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Nona said...

Bravo Carl. You are saying what needs to be said. Regarding all the people on this planet, "we are all in it together." If we harm another person, eventually it will come about that we are also harming ourselves. If we want a more peaceful world, we will provide all people with the opportunity to fulfill their potential; i.e., a good home, food, and sound education.