Sunday, May 22, 2011

Maturity and fun (#842)

Maturity and fun are best employed in conjunction with each other. It is okay to be serious and express conviction while also smiling inside with the knowledge that life is not that hard if we would all just help each other. Better yet, life is actually fun to live when we know we each have each other's back. The humor that we allow can be the great disarming feature we need to get through tough times. A very wise outlook is enjoying life while trying to make it better. I am of course talking about fun that is inclusive and not exclusive. It is a way to show that even when serious and mature solutions are needed, implementing them should have the enticement of enjoyment. It is hardly likely we should implement any solution that is evil or wrong so why not enjoy the good and smart decisions we can make. A rule of thumb, if it is does not have a fun nature to it then it is not a good idea! Being browbeaten into a mindset that establishes punishment or angst as it's vehicle to solution is not right and should be discarded as a strategy. I cannot say this enough, we make of this existence what we can and it is up to us to define it. We cannot control most of what nature and the universe provide, however our actions within nature and the universe can be dictated by us. We have that power, yet we have not reached the consciousness as a whole to prove it. Not that we are unable, we are just mostly all unwilling to think in our best ways as a unit. Someday some cataclysm will unite us or we will all come to the same conclusion at about the same time in some other fashion, however it is done, hopefully it will get us to thinking about being wise in our processes and fun in our application of them.

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