Wednesday, May 18, 2011

On the subject of personal growth as opposed to personal wealth (#838)

Here I go again on my title being similar to John Stuart Mill's titles. lol. I do love how Mr. Mill began his essays. Anyway, the subject of personal growth versus personal wealth is a bit confusing. It isn't a contest since both can be had together without having to discount either one. However it seems as if one has gained much popularity whereas the other is regarded less so. I am of course talking about the popularity of personal wealth. It seems that a notion has been widely accepted that wealth is a greater indicator of knowledge and intellect than the actual attaining of knowledge and intellect. As if by acquiring wealth we have risen to an illusionary status of wisdom about most all things. This false sense of one's abilities as to reason and analysis is buffeted by the awe that is given to the wealthy regardless of how easily or nefariously one has attained their wealth. This in itself is an indicator in the premise that the differences wealth provides as opposed to what non-wealth begets is monumental to a consuming society. Digging deeper, we find that the consumerism we employ as a society has achieved idolization standards. Even to the point of worshiping those who have wealth and disdaining those who don't. Even those with little wealth but with great expertise in areas of knowledge and intellect, ie...wisdom, are not looked upon with as much respect as those who flaunt a lifestyle of wealth and indulgence. My ego would tell me that it is because I deserve wealth just for being alive and not having it makes me want to be near those who do. I am not a big believer in my ego, which has let me down many times, but instead I follow my instincts of curiosity and caring and apply myself towards the rewards knowledge and intellect bring me. One has a great following and little self lasting satisfaction and the other has discovery. With me I am content and filled with awe when I can discover a solution to an otherwise previous mystery.

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