Tuesday, May 17, 2011

This planet belongs to all of us (#837)

It is time to get off the stage of nation and onto the stage of planet. This is why. Never before have we been so inter-connected with each other through technology and media. What happens in Syria is within moments available for anyone on the planet to see or hear through video or radio. My Internet service allows me to know bloggers and reporters from every spot on the planet so that if news is being made I can instantly access it. That being said the reason for this post is to reaffirm that we all are struggling for the same basic human rights. Yes, even here in America! In that we have shared common concerns and aspirations. We want to be self-ruled and given equal opportunity to attain without the influence of privilege and nepotism. Most of all we want to be recognized with respect and dignity. We are not just beings who are incapable of understanding that life is precious, regardless of color, beliefs or gender. We are all capable of interacting in the maintenance of our society. Although some societies may have rule that is different than conventional self-rule, it nonetheless can be acceptable if those who are governed by it agree to it's implementation or continuation. Personally I find that a democratically elected government that has had special interests purged from it, can be the most efficient form of society in guaranteeing the individual respect and dignity of it's citizens. However the rule of society is achieved, we all need to have the same basic human rights. It is when all humans on this planet can have an equal opportunity to live and achieve that I can at least begin to have hope that we are a magnificent species, worthy of the rest of the Universe, not in just how we are physically capable but in how we, through analysis and reason, are able to form the logic necessary to continue in a way that exemplifies the best qualities of the human race.

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