Thursday, May 26, 2011

The way a man loves a woman (#846)

When the feeling of love strikes this man it is with an overwhelming awe and a little caution. To have a love that singles out just one other human being that has been the dream of a childhood hope, but also is a finality to that hope, is what brings out my caution. By finality I mean, how will I screw this up, that which I have been waiting my whole life for to happen? I know myself and screwing things up has been a common theme when dealing with my ability to express myself in a new and wondrous way. lol. Let me be clear also about how I think as a guy about love. It is my great fortune to believe and trust that somewhere in life is a woman who has as much love for me as I do for her. I am a romanticist, clear through. It is one of my most redeeming qualities and explains much about who I am and how I react to things. This man has the sensitivity to know that denying how I feel is absurd and not embracing my reality is even worse. Even in my advancing age I still think like the innocent child about matters of the heart. Until that day that a fruition of my hope occurs, or I am no longer in existence, I will always consider a "true love" as a real state of being. It is also my conclusion that, for me, if a true love is not able to be experienced, then nothing lesser should be entertained as an option. In other words, a coming together for purposes less than true love are, in essence, robbing both of the compromisers of the opportunity to find their own true love. I know this is just my opinion and others out there do not hold to a true love and therefore marry for other worthy reasons in their own eyes. I know this and have seen it all around me. I can only live within my own perceptions of how I understand love and that is with the magic of true love. That is the way this man will love a woman.


The Blissful Banter of a Creative Crafter said...

Carl loved this post and I respect you so much for baring you heart. She will be a very lucky woman who ever she is!
Love Analisa

Man of Hope said...

Thank you Analisa, if it comes true it will be my blessing.