Wednesday, May 25, 2011

When will the rock drop? (#845)

A bunch of like-minded friends of mine use a variation of this term to describe how it is that the mind must eventually come to the heart for guidance. When the things we learn actually become felt experiences by us then we can better use that perspective to rationalize our present and future actions. It is an act of finding meaning in the logic and illogic of the world. My focus has been from the beginning on how we are of two instincts, plus one. Compassion, which for me encompasses all worthy emotion, and curiosity which encompasses all knowledge and reason. The "plus one" is our survival instinct, which is a solely our will to stay alive. The curiosity I experience is my driving force for me to understand the existence here in which I am a part. In all the logic that can be found and the promise of more in the yet still unknown, I can think out how things can or should be. It is the flaw of character that I seem to fall for in my own advancement of my ego. I tend to think that what I think is greater than what is and that in itself explains a lot about my struggles to be a better man. What I try so desperately to do now is not let my thinking define my thoughts, Instead I allow myself the grace of patience and allow my emotions to filter my thoughts as well. I am in no such great hurry that I cannot take a few moments or longer to get a better perspective on what I rationalize. In fact, the more I wait on reacting to thoughts the better the outcome is for me on all levels. I may appear to be slow or quiet on subjects that have an initial irresistible temptation to be spoken about. It is in fact a strategy I am employing to allow myself the most and/or best opportunities to "feel" a response after I have thought a thought. I hope to never forget that what seems simple to some or most rarely is and I must always respect that.

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