Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The arc of the Universe (#900)

For those who have a belief system the title of this blog bears little consequence as to mission. It seems that living to die properly is the goal of many who have belief systems. The afterlife is the goal and being alive is the means to get there. I understand this and it does make sense to me since at one time I also held a similar belief system. But I do not now and I see the greatest adventure to my being alive is to help make living life as purely sweet as possible. What happens after I die is no concern of mine since in all reality I am going to die anyway and anything after death is out of my hands. I may allow fear to requisition my mind and lead me toward answers given on faith but that is not how I operate. I will never again choose to act out of fear when deciding my principles for living. I will instead courageously stand up and embrace the unknown with my human instincts of compassion and curiosity. Their is true nobility and honor in accepting reality without adding mysticism to it. I am not talking about logic and reason as a comfort, there is no comfort in life as to assuage the unknown. There is only the unknown and how I confront it every second of my life. No one will ever be able to say that I defaulted on my life to a position that ascribed me as having it all figured out and then went out and told you how you should live. It is incumbent on all of us to be the bearer of our own strength and hold our personal gravitas with all our might. It is strange that instead of embracing the unknown with bold insight we are instead allowing ourselves to be placated by fear and it's illusions. The arc of the Universe is wide and in the end I will not ever have seen the swing it takes in it's pendulum like motion, however I will know that if I could I would stand as a sentinel and adventurer to probe it's understandings.

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