Sunday, July 24, 2011

Embracing diversity within all species (#905)

My imagination is filled with possibilities when I look around the world and see all the different shapes, forms and sizes of individual entities. It is amazing to me that I am blessed with such an array of life forms that distinguish themselves in appearance and cognition. The world is an imperfect place and many things here are unjust and unequal, however we all do share some important similarities. We all need love in our lives, we need subsistence of some form or other and we need to be free from oppression and ignorance. The fact that we are all more similar than different says a lot about our interconnectedness and ultimate relationship with each other. None of us has any knowledge of fact about how we got on this planet and that we are here together speaks volumes about how we may all be related in some form or another. Our survivability traits are the same, our biological make-up is similar, our brain and nervous functions are on the same thread of evolution. I have spoken of this before and will again here today, we are too much alike and as such whether fish, birds, insects, reptiles, mammals, or human beings, we are all animals. It is this very diversity of life that gives us hope that, for one, we are not alone and two, we can learn from each other in ways we could not if we were all the same. Within our own human species we have variances that give us pause to imagine possibilities outside our own understandings. Diversity is a wonderful paradigm not a burden or cause for confusion. We are all majestic in our own individual ways that pleasantly surprise me with perspectives. I am just another of the human species on this planet and I will not allow my life to be just another pigeon-holed experience. I want me to be as individual as all the rest of us out there. Embracing your diversity and my own is exactly how it should be.

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