Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The order within the chaos (#907)

It is inevitable that we look at life in terms of our understanding. What simple complexities we can agree on become our foundational structure for living. The duality of realities we exist within, what we know and what we don't know, is our way of coping with the mystery of life. Form and structure are the keys to us living in a world where there is no sovereign. We must agree amongst ourselves to keep from harming each other. We are still working on that but there is great hope that we will endure to find a complete solution. We must also find ways to compliment our existences in a way that allows for equality, respect and justice. This part is more difficult in that there are parts of our natures that slide into selfish habits instead of compromise toward fairness. Some doctrines we have implemented in order to maintain ourselves and keep ourselves busy have inherent flaws in them that give rise to lesser traits of humanity. The constant struggle to enlighten ourselves into a better paradigm of utility is being oppressed by those who most benefit from the friction. It is somewhat of a survival instinct gone awry by those who see opportunity only for themselves and theirs in the present and not the vision of what the future could be for all of us. How unfortunate that opportunity for some outweighs balance for all of us. Somehow though I have hope for the best of who we are to steadily grow into our psyches and the day will eventually come where the chaos of the unknown will not give rise to selfish opportunism. It will certainly not happen in my life time if the current rate of events, maintains its slow learning curve but beyond you and me there is greater hope for order that actually resembles what is best within all of us.

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