Thursday, July 21, 2011

The power of your vision for the future (#902)

There are so many of us and life is so complicated that envisioning our desire for the future sometimes is too difficult. I get that. However, in my mind I can make things the way they could be in order to see how things should be. I try not to get too specific as it bogs me down and gets me off track. Therefore I generalize a society that has no past to weigh it down and instead think on subjects that involve society's future. Things as they should be in the present and hopes for the future. We all should have this insight into how we would like the world to be if we could somehow magically make it so. Our futures will come from our imaginations, of this I have no doubt, regardless of any environmental anomaly. Therefore again, it is up to those of us who are willing to share what our individual visions could be. Our time on this planet and in existence can be mathematically calculated to some specific extent. We have the time to formulate some concepts that are worthy of each of us and making them known can only help all of us. This is why I believe so strongly in democracy, it allows us all to share in our future vision toward a reality. Now we come to the part where we need to understand that shaping our lives within our current society is albeit important, it is not our main ideal here. We are humans who have been endowed with extraordinary abilities of mental acuity. To only use that on the daily struggles of survival and material wealth is lessening the gift. We have greater individual priorities toward experiencing life for it's real and true value, moreso than just nudging along in the societal status quo. What I am saying here is this; our dreams and aspirations, not only for ourselves but for humanity, need to be formulated and shared so that we are all a significant and important part of this journey within our lifetimes.

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