Monday, August 22, 2011

The arc of humanity (#934)

Like a circle that is never able to close, the advancement of humanity is such. The idea that maintaining a perfect consensus on what is human and how that should look in thought and action is still beyond us. However, there is a path or an arc of direction to follow. Humanity defines our beings. We are of the animal kingdom but not entirely of the animal nature. We have evolved beyond on other brother and sister animals and don't have survival as our only goal. We have become intellectual and emotionally charged in our natures. There is more to life than just existing! Where is this more coming from? From within us in the form of our best natures, compassion and curiosity. We care and we wonder. All the teachings of the past emphasize the ideal of hope for better. We have it within us to measure up to hope for better and to negate anything less worthy. Our control of ourselves is the key. Each of us has it within us to be the better or best of our hopes. The difficulty comes in the form of opportunity to express ourselves and the current state of inequality we have instilled on our society. But all things of an artificial nature, like society and the rules that bind us, have the ability to be changed. It takes the will within us to rise above the lesser to make the better a reality. Such examples are all around us, especially like today in North Africa where a persistent drive for freedom and liberty from tyranny has just about materialized. When we can focus ourselves on what we, each one of us, can do in order to make all of our worlds better, we have extended the arc of humanity just a little bit more toward what is inherently right about our species.

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