Thursday, August 25, 2011

Fame does not equate to intelligence (#937)

Only intelligence equates to intelligence. I bring this up because it seems that any human who is allowed to go on to television or radio to speak of "truths" as if they are without being called out on it for only being opinion is our current dilemma. I am flabbergasted that people will give credence of trust to individuals just because they have found their way onto a screen or voice from a radio. Something we have been raised with has allowed us to believe that fame is a direct cause of either talent or wisdom. That is not rue. I am not referring to talent here since that paradigm usually holds true, however, the wisdom part is the paradigm that is broken. Just because someone is paid to voice opinions and is compensated by how many listeners or watchers he can attract does not make him or her a wise person. In the days gone by the circus would come to town and in order to advertise this they would put people out into the public who "bark" out the arrival of said circus. They would promote the specialness of the circus. We have the same thing here today in most of our main stream media, we have carnival barkers out promoting a viewpoint that is advantageous to particular interests. This does not make those interest's opinions, truth or correct, but they do serve a purpose, usually financial, but political as well. What seems to have happened is that these carnival barkers have grown into a role of being wise about anything they choose to talk about and their listeners and watchers are transfixed by their act. All the while the true experts on subjects of different fields of study are dismissed as propagandists. The whole idea of wisdom has been turned on it's head and those with little to no knowledge are now given accolades as being the leading minds of what is best for us. I feel like I have fallen into the rabbit hole and wonderland is where I have landed.

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