Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hold your head up and be counted (#939)

All of us are worthy to be heard. We may not all have the opportunity to speak but if we do we should not hesitate. Speaking just to speak is not what I am talking about here, speaking out about a vision or an injustice is. I try to keep my words simple and few as a way to maintain my balance toward correctness and fairness. It is not the ones who are always saying something that should get our attention but the ones who rarely speak but when they do provide sound thought and action. I measure my words to have meaning and substance. I am not always successful but I am always willing to learn a new idea. "My word is my bond" is a saying that has been worn out and broken so many times that when I hear that phrase I start to prepare for the opposite to occur. Those who actually practice that phrase never have to say it. I have few offerings that are tangible to give to the world but one of them is my words. I try very diligently to keep my words full of integrity and honesty. I also try to advance qualities or principles that allow us to live honorable lives. My words matter to me whether I speak them or write about them here. What I have learned over time is that if I don't know of what I am wanting to speak out about I hold my tongue until I do know what I am talking about. I do not pretend to be the answer man on anything I am confused or totally unknowing about. I am not a wise man nor am I capable of instant understanding as a general rule. I, like most the rest of us, need to learn, study and listen to others in order to gain the knowledge I need to be informed. I do this because it is important to me to know about the things going on around me. I matter and if that is true then I have studious work to do to validate that mattering. I find that being objective about all things is where I can start.

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