Thursday, August 18, 2011

Power to the people (#930)

This is a saying from the heady days of my youth used to rally young and old folks against the powerful institutions that had left us behind. People power, an effective slogan that cuts to the heart of what our democracy means to most of us. Power to the people exemplifies our individual ideals as a collective. When we are not feeling the effects of democracy within our governance we have the duty to stand up and demand to be heard. To a redress of our grievances, without prohibition, as stated in the 1st Amendment of our US Constitution. The catch-phrase, "power to the people", is again needed as a rallying cry in the face of ideologies aimed at limiting the welfare of our country to only those who can afford it. Our country was based upon the ideal of liberty and freedom. It has transformed over time to include all of our citizens, through amendments, in equality and justice. To even consider the withdrawal from these advancements is heretical to the intent of our founding fathers. We are an inclusive nation by our actions since the formation of our sacred union. To establish laws and ideologies that are in conflict with our historic national priorities is unfathomable. Power to the people is the call that is needed to resonate amongst us who realize the misguided current ideological attack on decency and fairness within our political system. All of us citizens need to be engaged in the fact finding mission of truth about what is happening and how to remain focused on adding to our country's great heritage, not in the dismantling of it. Power to the people is us claiming our voice in the noise of great power and money, and being heard despite the rhetoric coming from those who see America as their country and not all of our country. We are fighting to preserve the power of the people when an otherwise powerful force would stifle us and put us back into times that benefit few and harm many.

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