Saturday, August 20, 2011

We are more than what we have become (#932)

Philosophy is a way to look at ourselves and the things we do in a way that imagines either the best or the worst of who we are. Most philosophies imagine a combination of these paradigms, but my way of thinking elevates one of these over the other. In the header of this post I describe two main characteristics we all share as our natural instincts, compassion (positive emotion) and wonder, (curiosity). When we are in these two natural states there are no other instincts within us that are natural. Of course I also add in a survival instinct but that is different than our personalities, survival only comes into play when our lives are threatened by outside forces. The unnatural instincts that superficially reside within us are only manufactured when we are being denied one or several of our natural instincts, thus the negative instincts that are so common in our world today. A reflection of our unnatural instincts are common in the day to day living of our lives and in the processes we have developed to cope with them. In other words we are reinforcing unnatural behavior as a means of treatment instead of rectifying toward a solution. We are stuck in a circumstance that is self-feeding. Our whole system of how we relate to each other in every major category of our society has become the reinforcing model for keeping us from our true natures. Not to say that our true natures don't come out from time to time to remind us of who we are and who we wish we were at all times, nonetheless, our inability to maintain our natural selves as we should be, is highlighted by the structures of our society. For a betterment of our society, as a reflection of who we are, a change is needed. Once everyone understands that living as the beings we are meant to be is greater than manipulating each other as a way to survive, we will not advance to the foundational place that we need to start from, in order to live as our natural selves.

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