Monday, September 26, 2011

All of us have something to say (#969)

We all have to do what is in our being. We must be accountable to life through our voices and actions. We all have a purpose and to find that purpose we must find what it is to be who we are. I am my honorable principles and think and act according to them. When thoughts of something besides my principles come into my head I let them go just as quickly. I have found that if I don't they can corrupt or deviate me from what I truly want to think and do. Over some little time I have lesser thoughts of selfishness and ego-based scenarios and more thoughts about how I can make a positive difference in our world. All of us need to find out who we are! Build your own set of principles to live by and see if they work for you. Everything is possible when it comes to being who you are. I don't listen to people at all who try to tell me how or what to live by, I make my own analysis about what and how. It is my life and I will damn well choose the way it should be. Individualism has a reality to it. We all need each other in some way or another because of how we have set up society. It is also good to be connected with each other so that we can discover the best about each other. But it does not mean we need to conform to the same thoughts or actions. We must keep our individualness separate from others so that we don't lose sight of our own personal being. Once we know who we are and how we will chose to react to things, then we can start to advocate for the principles we use to define who we are. Mine are compassion and curiosity, two of the greatest attributes of humanity. Everything is filtered through these two paradigms. I also advocate for survival but no need to explain since neither compassion nor curiosity would exist for me if I didn't continue to exist. We are all leaders of our best traits and we should never waste an opportunity to express those best traits in words and action when we define ourselves.

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