Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Devaluing human life (#957)

A simple rule of thumb that I use to know what to say or do, how are people made better by whatever is being proposed. Simple! Is life made better or not? Of course I am referring to our current political theater since I have no better way of describing it. Theater in that it is being pushed into a tragic play on humanity. Where humans have become the minor character in the play and the play itself has now become the attraction. Where the egos of the writers of the play have ascended to godhood and no amount of logic, analysis or reason can dissuade them from ending this play in a most tragic way. How is it possible that the human species is treated with such disdain by it's own fellow humans? Are we cannibals in another disguise? I am a part of the human race yet I have never been so embarrassed to be so. I have always felt that we as a species were the most gifted fore-sightful beings in existence, yet I am not correct. We have the capability to be so but not the will. Instead we would rather cower in our fears and accept the misguided leftovers from some who have attained a highly deluded conclusion of their own self worth. As they continue to push the concept of tragic theater on us in the form of society, we get further from stopping them and their callous rush to a reality that devalues human life. I am an optimist and a positive thinking human, but even I am subdued by the lack of will by others to be the same. It is a lessening of what it is to be human when we do not promote what is good and right for us. We all are culpable and in our hearts as we know this to be true. Now the ones who are orchestrating the play have shown little in the idea that they actually have a heart worth feeling any empathy and it must be true then that most who arise to power have no conscious about what and who they devalue. It is the most dangerous game being played out in real life right now and how this charade will end is yet to be determined.

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