Thursday, September 22, 2011

Expectations of perfection (#965)

Over time, I have come to know that what I want the world to be like is not going to happen, at least not while I am alive. I have great expectations for our civilizations to come together into a model of a happy humility. To this day I don't see why we can't but the cynicism from so many keeps us from getting close. While some have no interest outside their own others have such expectations that hinge upon whether something or someone can be perfect in theory and/or application. It is the tiny steps forward that will get us to a better society and we, none of us here now, will see the end result. We have to trust that the steps we can take forward will be built upon in generations to come. We must also safeguard our advances to allow for their security when others would destroy them out of some reasoning not grounded in logic. Why does this matter to me when I know that I will die well before anything resembling a perfect society comes to fruition? It is my connection with community and each of us individuals that propels me into the concept that what I do for us today will reflect on what happens to our future generations tomorrow. My children and your children are all of our children. If I believe this then for me not to make it my life's goal to improve the future then I am a filthy liar. I do not like being anything that is not me and inside me is the best of what a human can be and it is my pleasure to keep searching for ways to express those magnificent instincts. My present is our future. I put into it what I want for the rest of us and that is why I care. I have two definable instincts within me, compassion and curiosity. One helps me to seek out what I don't know and understand what I do, and the other reminds me of my emotions and how they effect me in the most beautiful ways. Not so bad a deal out of life the way I see it. I am still trying to make it better though.

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