Thursday, September 15, 2011

The fearmongers strategy (#958)

I will always come back to fear when I see wrong being advocated and defended. Fear is the feeling, not only the "freezing" sense associated with being a coward, but the mind numbing inability to destroy one's own prejudices and biases. No one on this planet, neither the most popular of religious leaders, philosophers, scientists nor politicians know anymore about the truthful purpose of life than the least human on this planet. We are all born, live and die with the knowledge that none of us will ever know why! Since that is the case, then each of our lives should be a life of discovery, not a life to be told what to think. I am beyond any and all conventional and dogmatic principles as a rule. I live my life with the insight that every thought and action is mine and I actually follow my own set of honorable principles, not anyone else's set of principles. Yet, all around me I see those who are too afraid to not only discover what the world is truly like, but are also afraid of finding out who they truly are. Fear has become a comfort we can hide within to deny the existence of true freedom and liberty. Fear keeps us from elevating our high principles to an everyday acceptable level. Fear also allows us to stay in ignorance with each other as a way to build security. The notion that if we all hide from the truth it won't be the truth anymore. Then there are those who promulgate fear as a strategy. Readily available to turn any objective question into a subjective answer. Fellow Americans, we are not the courageous examples of our forebearers, instead we are less than a shell of them who are easily swayed by the illusion of illogic wrapped in compliment. It is a telling time right now that we have so many followers and so few leaders. It should be the other way around where we are all leaders of noble principles and freedom. Yet instead, we let the fearmongers delude us and rob us of our dignity as individuals and the time we have in this existence. Shameful!

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