Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The important things in life (#971)

When the silliness or outright ignorance of things push me away from some people who have family connections or friendships that have been built upon for years, I do feel a sense of loss. We may be divided by religion, politics, personal relationships or economics, regardless the circumstances, a real separation occurs. I move on to new relationships that offer more stability in thought and action. However, there is something to be said for those who have been split away for various reasons to come and be accepted back. I like to think that no bridge can be permanently burned to the ground. If enough effort and willingness is there any bridge can be rebuilt. Such are the opportunities I look to find when they are being offered. When real life emergencies arise and I am asked to help in those situations, I put down my right of division and look to help in spite of my moral high ground. We are human and as such make mistakes that we all have to live with. I accept that and when true humility is offered in a way that has a real need I am all on board. The true measure of a man is how he can use his principles for living in a way that exemplifies the best of what that is humanity. My principles for living are not so unmovable that forgiveness and caring are impossible to be shown. I have always wished that the mistakes I have made in the past would have a path toward forgiveness and in such wishing and hoping I realize I must do the same for others. Whether or not I am given a second chance is not the point, the point is that I give the second chance to others when they ask and when they need it most in their lives. The important things in life are not me standing behind my principles at all costs, instead, it is how I am able to adjust my principles to allow for their correction of realized human error.


Nona said...

Carl, this is beautifully said. There are some people in my life who have had serious differences from me that are hard to deal with. If they are willing to embrace me after a long period of estrangement, I embrace them back, but take care not to go back on an important principle I really care about. Usually, I don't bring the subject up; that way I can be kind, in a forgiving mode and not go against my principles. I pray for these people, for the best for them and I think that really helps. I appreciate your mature and thoughtful approach. kind regards and God Bless, Nona

Man of Hope said...

Thank you Nona, writing this post made me feel good. Your kind words are much appreciated.