Sunday, September 25, 2011

Jumping the gun (#968)

Jumping the gun-"The idiom jump the gun means a person may have acted too hastily or made a snap decision based on inadequate or partial information."-wiseGEEK. Do you think there is a lot of that going around? I sure do and that is why I bring it up. For the longest time I have held my thoughts and opinions to myself because I was unsure as to whether or not they were valid. I needed to do more research and listen to those wiser than myself in order to fact check my premises. I have done that for the most part and just recently, within the past few years have I gotten to the point where I can substantiate my thoughts and arguments with proof. It is an enlightening feeling to have come to a place in my life where my convictions now have the force of fact. Just because I have wanted a certain outcome did not give me the right to make it so by bending and twisting the facts. The outcome is now what the truth shows itself to be. No more opinion for fact, no more belief for fact, only fact for fact. There is another paradigm that works in conjunction with learning facts and that is how to logically sequence the facts into an argument or debate of policies and principles. There is a way forward for all of us through logic. Most of the educated in our society have known this and employ logic. The ones who do not take the time or are not afforded the opportunity to have an education, choose to go with superstition and incomplete common sense. A couple things here first, education is needed by every human, regardless of capitalistic restrictions, and secondly, no one should advocate for ideas and policies that they have not researched enough to know every argument against that which they are advocating. When I have known both sides of an argument and chosen to accept one side, it is because I found one side had greater merit than the other, not because I wanted one side to win at all costs.

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