Thursday, September 29, 2011

Our curious natures (#972)

Here is an indisputable fact. No free thinking human being has ever existed without curiosity. It is what allows us to learn. Curiosity is a marvel of a trait that is instinctive in our species. It has been with us since before recorded time. The genesis of curiosity most likely came from our survival instinct. Somehow in the time of human existence, a notion of the curiosity we have came into focus and has since been our dual number one attribute. Caring for each other is the other number one attribute. Curiosity or wonderment has been the catalyst for the enlightenment of our species since our inception. Without the ability to wonder about things we would still be stumbling around in dumb luck if we had been able to survive. There is a force within us that takes what the environment offers and gives us the rudimentary understanding to improve ourselves and others. The perfection of curiosity is that it allows us to continue to exist in an unforgiving universe. The point I am trying to make here is that curiosity has a place in all of our lives. We all need to learn and grow in knowledge and learn how to apply knowledge. Curiosity is not something that has a finite end. It is infinite in it's ability to create more questions from answers. It is my duty to inform those of you who think that curiosity is not good or is only applicable to those who are best at it, you are dead wrong. Every human moment in this existence must never stop being without curiosity. None of us have arrived anywhere perfect where curiosity is no longer needed. None of us! Our greatest hope for survival and perpetuation of our species is that magnificent ability to question the questionable. I know this about me, I will never stop learning and thinking about what I don't know. I know I will never know everything but to not try is in direct violation of my law of curiosity.

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