Thursday, October 20, 2011

Are you a part of history or will it pass you by? (#993)

It is not easy to recognize when history is being made if you are not paying attention to things that are going on around you or if you chose to ignore reality. It is my assertion that history is being made all around us right now and if we do not join in, in it, we will be left to deal with the wake of the consequences. I have a voice and a mind that is free to objectively formulate opinions based on my instincts of curiosity and compassion. In the mix of the whirligig of motion, I can see a pattern of change that is abruptly coming. I will be aware of the change and the history it is about to make and I will also know how to deal with it as it does become our new reality. For those who cannot let go of past institutional thinking that has proven itself ineffective, the future will be a shock and they will be caught unaware as to how they will be a part of it. Denial is only good in cases where nothing matters. Denial in the rest of things is a detriment and a backward frivolous enterprise. No one knows what the best is for all of us but what we do know is when something is wrong for most of us. Changing the rationalization for previous actions is hard and requires an immense amount of proof and determination. But no change can occur if the premise for change is not recognized. Such is our dilemma today. Many see the inaccuracy of events and policies that shape our lives yet most do not understand the reason for it. When that reason becomes evident to enough, then change can happen and those who don't see the evidence for whatever permutation of thought that prevents them from doing so will be left with no foundation for change and they will instead resist the change out of fear. Unfortunately that is our history of evolving and it once again exemplifies our need to be self-informed and strict in that process.

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