Sunday, October 16, 2011

The days we have left (#989)

The zealotry with which some live their lives is not aimed at looking at what will happen but at what is happening right now. My life is right now and I live it that way because I really do have nothing else. Of course I have principled pathways I follow but it is what I do in every moment of those pathways that define me. That definition is the real me, not some facade or superficial illusion of me but the real me. I know I want to live every moment sustaining what is right in life, such as discovery, knowledge, happiness, camaraderie and a general hope for a special intimacy of a personal nature. The logical assimilations, plus the emotional experiences worthy of human interaction and expression, deserve my full attention in the "right now". This very moment on a continual loop of the very next moment. I count myself fortunate to have even lived to this age I am, in perspective, since throughout history most have not attained my age. I have found closure in a soulful way about time and it's demand that all of us are limited within it. The importance of living in a way that has honor to it, increases in scope when the actuality of being mortal does sink in. I am on that plane with my life. I have not been so bad in my previous years as to lament my failed opportunities, however they are failed opportunities in that I did not respect and honor my days of past with any real conviction of dearness. I lived like there were an infinity of tomorrows without regard to the obvious illogic. That is no longer the case and it is true that with age does come a certain wisdom, especially in areas where the wisdom should have already been present. Existence is not about me, it is about what I do in life that affects life. Life is the true purpose, for without life, existence has no meaning.

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