Monday, October 31, 2011

The power of one person (#1004)

I have heard and also felt "what can I do, I am only one person". It is overwhelming to have great ambitions and worthy causes in my mind but with no way to effect them out into our society. It seems that regardless of what I think or do, nothing will change. However, that kind of thinking is only one way to look at whether I can be effective or not. Another approach is the one I presently use, that being doing what I think is right regardless of whether it gets out to others or not. I do have power to be me and as me, I can influence those who are in my immediate vicinity. Instead of being cynical about working to change things for the better, I just do the best that I can in the present moment. I am the change I hope to effect. As a force within existence, I help shape not only my life but the lives of others who interact with me. I think about what the dynamic would be if I just lived in a state of discouragement. It would help spread discouragement. That is not what I want to do, even when the chance of me changing anything is impossible. I don't want to reflect impossible, I want to reflect everything is possible. I have that power and I have that ability. I am a human who has reason, logic and an indomitable spirit to express myself. What is that self I want to express? That again is up to me and I choose to express what is best about myself, not what I can't do but what I hope to do. I am not here to give anyone a pep talk, but I am here to express that we are more powerful, even as one person, than we may think. The ripples around my life are ripples that I hope will effect others in a positive and hopeful way. I have that power. One person can and will change the world, even if it is in small ways the power of one person does provide for change.

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