Saturday, October 29, 2011

We are all kin (#1002)

Kindred spirits we all are. Regardless of our looks or locations, we are humans who belong to each other. One big, giant family. It is how one looks at reality that defines who we are. I see our world as our place to exist and explore. Even to the point of moving off terra firma and out into the great unknown space. What tremendous opportunities our species has in it's capabilities. We are so close to being able to inject ourselves beyond our one and only home. To go out into the dark recesses of space and discover the secrets that are there. What wonders will we encounter? Our boldness is only matched by our inquisitiveness. What a magnificent gift we are about to give to our next generations. We may not be able to reach for the stars right now, but our children and their children will have the real chance to begin the greatest quest. The long line of generations that have sustained the human being race is about to culminate in a great adventure. The best of who we are, as a species, is still ahead of us and the ability we have to live our best is about to begin. The curiosity we have and the emotion we feel about expressing it has no better path forward than to reach out beyond our limits and create new ones. I am so very happy for the future of us humans and the realities that are so near to being fulfilled. My part is to keep the hope alive for our eventual mastery of our solar system and the galaxy we live in. The treasures of information will likely change our species to accommodate the new realities. The human species as we know it will be changed for the better. We will always remain the best of who we are but that best will have new and unforeseen paradigms. The beginning of the era of human exploration is at our threshold, when we do cross it within the next few generations, the new reality will bring us closer together like the kin we all are.

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