Monday, October 17, 2011

What do Americans promote? (#990)

It is easy to tell what the health of a country is by what it promotes. Those countries that promote education, health, good work opportunities, and the care for it's disadvantaged and elder citizens have a grace about them that underscores what is best about their countries. Those countries that promote less on education, health, good job creation and less care for their disadvantaged and elder citizens, have opted instead for a survival of the fittest mindset that undermines national unity and cohesiveness. Certainly, many countries fall between these boundaries due to being without the resource4s to create the best environment for it's citizens and should therefore look to aligning themselves with other countries that increase their overall viability. However, there are countries, like America, which find ourselves actually choosing to become a survival of the fittest country. A philosophy not based on community but on individualism to the extreme. A dog eat dog world where the honor and respect of human dignity can only be measured by how well one navigates the economic maze we have constructed. The sole equivalency in determining the value of the human individual is in how well the human can practice the principle of selfishness. If turning each of us against the other is the method going forward here in America, then that does not bode well for our continued growth and sustainability as a nation. I believe we Americans have the will to promote a society that reflects what has been shown, through creative and successful ideals, that focus on education, health and good job creation, while taking care of our disadvantaged and elder citizens, Continuing to promote the general welfare of our country and improving on ways to do so are the challenges we face and the people we need to face those challenges cannot be people who think the answer to those challenges is to ignore them or scrap the programs that have been built so far.

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