Thursday, December 15, 2011

The boundaries of natural morality (#1049)

Intentions, decisions and actions. Morality is a learned behavior we deem proper. These are the terms I find when I look up a definition for morality. Morality is not an inherent trait that is part of our DNA. Although, it is my contention that caring for each other is an inherent human trait. But that we care for each other cannot fulfill the total of what is prescribed to be morality. Funny that us caring for each other is not enough. For some reason other factors must come into play in order for morality to be acceptable. I am not smart enough to understand reasons for making being naturally moral beyond our simple caring for each other and I will never pretend to, however, by making morality more than it naturally is, we have allowed a segregation to divide us. Fear is the instigator and ignorance fuels it. Not only in matters of morality are fear and unawareness used to maintain a status-quo but an illusion that there are some among us who know more about the existence of omnipotent forces helps to buttress the fallacious reasoning that morality is greater than anything as natural as caring for each other. To our great distraction, our species is in a perpetual cycle of half-truths and illusions. The fog of confusion is only temporary though and with a little common sense, we can lift ourselves above it. Always remember that as a human being we are equipped with as many as, or possibly more, 5 direct knowable senses. We are a intelligent knowledgeable gathering species. We also have our own individual filters for analysis and concluding. We don't need others to think and direct our thoughts. We have the ability to think and direct our own thoughts. Knowing that our morality is just as simple as caring for each other, will go a long ways toward tamping down any fear about whether we are being in the "proper behavior".

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