Monday, December 26, 2011

Harvesting from my experiences (#1060)

I am reaping from what I have sowed. Not in the sense of physically harvesting like with an annual crop but from the bank of knowledge I have accumulated over time. I have had a varied life based upon measuring my possibilities and flights into my imagination. I have allowed a sense of wonder to establish my baseline thinking and from that my imagination and motivations have been the better for it. I do not think of myself as a tool to be used in areas of limited applications, on the contrary, I think of myself as an endless possibility just waiting to happen. I am beyond the form of structure, I am possibility. Certainly I am a human whose form is recognizable as such but my point is that I am not limited to within that form. I think beyond myself with imaginings. From the experiences I have had in the past and even in the most recent present, I mix and mold thoughts both old and newly original to myself in an ever changing osmosis. Who I am is inside me and that is where I conceive my physical actions and my analysis of my thoughts. The outside physical trappings of vain-glory and vaunted appeal are not much of a priority in my life. Being clean and somewhat presentable is mostly enough. It is inside me where all the effort at being good and great are of the highest priority. When I have value within me and it is reflected back out to the world to see then I am at my most peaceful. My soul yearns for a peace with a happiness that in it's purity, dissolves time into a nothingness. At least in the importance of realization. I see a paradigm that includes life in existence that can be the best potential for all humans to find harmony. Raising above the petty differences we find with each other to a plane where our differences are our strength and are honored as such.

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