Sunday, December 25, 2011

Respect is lived (#1059)

How do I respect others? by living it. Every moment is another opportunity to share my life with someone. When I do share my life I get to choose how that sharing happens. Sometimes it is just being quiet and listening other times it is taking action that not only shows my respect for the person(s) but also my understanding of in what form the the respect is given. Many if not most people look to being in charge of something as an advantage to themselves. I am not of that thinking, I rather look to see how I can make a good of what I have been given charge over. As unusual as it may seem I also do not look to gain financially from such privileges. I am one of those who like to share the wealth of an endeavor done well. Even to being one of the lowest paid in the labor of an accomplishment. You see, the highest person of authority does not have to be the highest paid, he can, in many cases of my own experience, pay himself the lowest. Remember, we are talking about respect, not advantage for other purposes. Now I know I am the exception in a society that prides itself on wealth accumulation, however, I choose to pride myself on how well I apply respect and the form of justice that respect best fits the situation. Leaders, are ones who put others before themselves in every way that is possible. I make decisions based upon what I see the realities are, not on some set of conditions generally applied that always seem to cost those who are lead. You may question what the pay-off is for me when I want to be selfless, well I will tell you that those who are respected are closer to having a peace in their soul. That is my pay-off, a peaceful soul and the knowledge that I was not in the mix to only enrich myself and gain some false sense of respect out of it. For me respect is earned and kept by being real and living with my own way of making decisions about how respect is lived.

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