Thursday, December 22, 2011

We are just passing caretakers of each other (#1056)

We have no right to judge whether some have a soul of worthy content without proof of an unworthiness. We have a duty instead to continue providing opportunities for others to express their worthiness. Worthiness is not based upon a persons utilization within an artificial society, worthiness is a natural right and as such can not be determined by any other man. Of course we have rules that define our behaviors for the sake of security, but the underlining premise that a single person anywhere is unworthy is not our call. To demean, instead of teach, is arrogant and leaves a legacy of hatred. The older I get in life the more those younger than I look up to me for guidance and advice, what will I leave with them? Shall I teach them that some people on this planet deserve more than others? No. Shall I take from them their dignity to assuage some ego-based ideal I find soothes and highlights me? No. The idea of privilege has it's origins in denigrating one human over another. We are not Gods and the sooner we tear this fallacious, seductively self-destructive lie from our thinking the better human being we will become. The whole point and purpose of this exercise called life is for us to care for each other, not segregate ourselves out in the myriad and varied ways that we do. When we are caring for each other there are no barriers or boundaries that we need to separate ourselves from each other. Creating opportunities for ourselves and others should be our never ending function. It is all we have control over and still maintain our natural instincts, of which I call compassion and curiosity. We survive because we are here and don't want to leave. Therefore expressing our caring and wondering in the most advantageous ways here on Earth is the perfect peace of living we all should feel worthy to experience.

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