Thursday, December 29, 2011

What do we leave behind? (#1063)

The one sure thing we all have in common is that we all will leave life eventually. I know from history that some have passed through life and left huge monuments as a testament to their lives. Others have simply left a marker as the only physical sign that they once existed. Today's world is different and leaving behind some indicator or our existence is not as important to most. However to some it still is and that they still think in terms of the fear of being forgotten is sad. The mere fact of our existing at all is a place in time that is all our own. For there to be some unique remembrance should be serendipitous to our living and the only testament should be to our destiny as such it is known. This always leads back to respect. When those of us in this world are acknowledged for our lives it should be because we have shared our lives in inescapably profound ways. Not because we accumulated obscene wealth and built monuments to ourselves. That kind of thinking is premised upon living an artificial life, not a real one. I know this much about what life isn't, it isn't a game to be played. What is most important for me to leave behind is that I loved and was loved. Most everything else flows from that one simple foundation. What is left that doesn't, is my curiosity about all that exists within me and outside of me. Life is real simple in it's actual reality. Care and wonder. That is what I leave behind, no great imaginings nor profound accomplishments, just the simple understanding that I get it and live it. Even my little written musings about life is just a bunch of words always centered around being better and more human so that my life can be lived without the chaos and confusion of fearful ego. What I leave behind is a peace about how I live, not that I existed and need to be remembered for doing so.

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