Saturday, December 17, 2011

What we do should reflect what we are (#1051)

I have spent almost three years with this blog trying to promulgate that we as a species have only two instinctive traits, compassion, or care; and curiosity or wonder. Now I do qualify these two traits with a third separate but simple trait, that being survival. However, the thrust of who we are is a species that cares for it's own and others forms we are in contact with and we are constantly striving to learn and add to our knowledge base. This is who we are. We have senses we are born with that help us to "feel" an emotional reaction to our interactions and we have senses that help us in compiling data to feed the hunger of our knowledge. We are sensitive, data processing entities. With these characteristics we also have the ability to analyze, reason and conclude our own information. We are not just probes but an intelligent being capable of assimilating information as a means to progress forward. This is the simple basic structure of who we are and what we do. Now, our system of living should highlight and ease our natures. We should instill into our thoughts and actions only these instincts and the manifestations that they can be structured toward in our daily lives. This has always been at the core of my universal vision. We are the burgeoning force of free will in this otherwise generally static existence. Certainly time and space are important but less so than our species' ability to define both time and space into a concept for investigation. The elements within the equation will never supersede the organism that is questioning it's function. Nothing else in the Universe questions us, we on the other hand question everything in the Universe. Everything we do should reflect our natures and until this simple concept is understood by the majority of human species, we will continue to flounder in other areas that have illogic as their foundation.

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