Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The bigger picture (#1124)

When will those who claim to know so much begin to see that there is more out there than what they think they know. It is as if the learning has ended and now it is time to declare what is right and wrong. I get so letdown when those around me begin to act like they are the arbiters of logical policy when they don't know all that is going on. Specifics are for the most objective to being able to understand. When all the facts of a situation or problem are known then a course of action may then be implemented. it is not as if most all of us don't want good things for our society but it is in how those good things are realized is where most often things get chaotic. Our country, since it's founding, has been about the ideal of fairness and justice for all. Yes, even those who were legally proposed as property were still seen as equal among the more enlightened of our founders. Our country has as a goal, the pursuit of happiness. Surely this must mean that happiness is the subject of the phrase and not an adjective of pursuit. The bigger picture is that when happiness is the goal, the means to happiness must be reflective. Isn't that what we all want is to be happy? Nothing else is really all that important in life. Although many have tried different ways to attain happiness, even to the extent of ruination of themselves and others as their intent to be happy. Logic dictates that if a happiness is to be obtained then happy thoughts and actions must be included. The idea that others know what makes us happy in our lives is a bit presumptuous. Certainly, in a general sense, there are policies and activities that open up opportunities for happiness and those should be increased. But for those who want to legislate or control how we perceive happiness, there is only one term that fits their character, shame!

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