Monday, February 20, 2012

The clarity of our cores (#1116)

I have had some very profound moments in my life, not unlike what most all of us have had. When the clarity of my core is raw and right at the top of my being. I still think about how I feel when my emotional and mental acuteness is all that matters. The thoughts about what is important in life are absolutely clear, yet in the past when some little time had passed I had once again gone into a forgotten mode and lost that precious insight. Not so today as I am much more mature about how I think about what I do. I have gained a process of evaluation when thought has to be planned and organized. I consider the values for life that I have gained from moments of clarity and implement my actions through them. I often talk about principles for living and what I mean by that is what do I hold in the highest regard about humanity. The single greatest understanding I have about thought and action concerns virtue. I hold virtue as the highest honorable human trait that can be recognized. I would die for honorable virtue. That is as simple as I can describe my core. The artful beauty and magnificent logic of virtue are my principles for living. What is virtue? From Wikipedia: "Personal virtues are characteristics valued as promoting collective and individual greatness." I only strive to attain virtue in my thoughts and actions, but by doing so, I am elevated from less desirable processes. I place myself in the realm of at least giving the effort, with occasional success, and thus giving myself the opportunity to live where my core does. It took my core to remind what is important, and now it is the rest of me to keep myself living like my core.

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