Monday, February 13, 2012

Embarrassing selfishness (#1109)

With some of us, our skin has become so thick that reality nor logic has the ability to penetrate it with the facts of our thoughts and actions. We are acting as sovereign beings with no responsibility to anyone except ourselves. It is the gambit of the illogically enlightened that this existence is ours for the living as we please, with no by-your-leave necessary to the rest of existence's inhabitants. A foolish paradigm to live under but nonetheless still viable to those who are under the illusion of their own grandeur. What has been obvious is that when a person gets to the point where they think that they are the sovereign because no sovereign exists above them, the predictive behavior attracts toward selfishness. A sense of disassociation from having to verify their claims becomes their pattern. As a demi-god, the rite of passage through time is theirs more for the living and less for the learning. A privilege or a sense of deserving occupies the foundation of selfish thought, so much so that a pejorative conceptualized thinking is all the rationale needed to satisfy any doubt to their fledgling omnipotence. I do get a bit poetic but rationalizing selfish behavior does bring the colorful language out in me. lol. I just find the whole exercise of describing behavior that is hopelessly without soul a fever of viral intent. A spinning out of control with the absurd idea that any of us has anything more special than any other of us. I does grieve me and put some little level of a depressing atmosphere around me to think that there are those out there who have lost the spirit of humanity and have in that vacuum, ingloriously taken on the persona of an elusively impossible figure, deserving of a sovereign mantle.

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