Sunday, February 19, 2012

Everything we do matters (#1115)

We spend our whole lives sacrificing what could be for what is. Our hopes and dreams are the pinnacle for our life here in existence, yet we find the limits to our hopes and dreams are real. We must come to terms with mortality and the relatively short time life allows us. Given our inability to have what we think is our due because of our very existence and the fact of the looming, ever-present ending we all face too soon, we must focus on the things we do while we have time to do them. A bit cryptic, but not really. We have this one short life in which to accentuate our time in it. What is to be done if we cannot have or do what we think we should? The only competent solution I have found is to make the best of what I am. I do not get to realize the greatest of what is concluded from my hopes and dreams yet I can still live the best of what my hopes and dreams represent. If I am denied what could be the perfect, I am determined to accept what will be the imperfect and be glad for it. I did not get to request my time here in life, I showed up as an offspring from those before me. How I came to be the thinking analyzing man I am today is another perfect question I have no answer for. However, not knowing will not dissuade me from hoping to learn and if I can't learn then I will press on into other subjects. I feel like I am an irrepressible force whose consistent failure to achieve my greatest wishes is no deterrent to how I manage the quality of my life. Even in the failure to achieve the perfection my mind and body demands, I am still resolute to achieve whatever is available and be glad for it.

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