Friday, February 24, 2012

Man of Hope: Fear is a thief (#1120)

We all have limited minutes on our life plans, to use a mobile phone plan analogy. When we spend the minutes of our lives being afraid, we have given the value of our time for nothing in return. We are left with little or nothing to show for a depressing feeling. Now fear has it's place in our lives but only as a defense mechanism when caution or an effective pause is called for. Of course nothing in life is really just simple, so we must always try to proceed with some regard for our thoughts and actions but not to the point of freezing up or allowing fear to dictate the terms of our decisions. We are all a little culpable to fear when we do not spend the time to learn what we don't know and instead allow the unknown to defray us from our earnest intentions. There will always be unknowns that we will never get the privilege to know but one certain trait we humans have had since the birth of our species is curiosity with a boldness. To allow some imagined or possible fear based scenario to be the undoing of our best efforts to keep us from completing our dreams or plans then we have left off the best of who we are for the lesser of who we are. All of us are capable of a strong mind and principled outlook transformed into action and when we do not parlay our innate instincts to a greater priority than our fear of some thing that may happen, we lose the time and space from our lives that in a finite world is precious. The cost benefit of being afraid is always a losing proposition. Cheer up though since once we decide that fear is not a worthy extension of our destiny, we begin to hack away at the times fear can influence us.

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