Monday, March 26, 2012

Courage wisdom and strength (#1151)

I am not saying anything new here, and I rarely do say anything new on this blog but I do reiterate subtle reminders about how we should interact with each other. Today is no exception. I like what I was thinking about with this post as the subject, that we matter each individually and collectively. To an even finer point, everything we do matters to an outcome, whether our desired outcome or to outcomes beyond our intent. I have found that trying to do every little thing right in my life, and by right I mean what makes my soul happy, is the key to how my life is destined. I do believe we can control our own destiny. What I perceive as the pathway of my life may be different from an outsider looking in at a snapshot of it, nevertheless, what I perceive is the most comprehensive evaluation of whether my soul is happy is mine, not anyone else. Again, what is my best method for keeping my soul happy? It is in what seems like the never ending little decisions and actions I allow myself or that come my way. Nothing is to be taken for granted. Everyday is filled with enumerable forks in the road. None of which needs to be taken any less serious than another. As the pattern of my life takes shape, then it is clear to me that I am following my desire to be the human being I want to be. I know the pressures of society are demanding and influential, however, what balance is made in favor of what? For me the expectations of society do not outweigh what my soul demands of me and it demands to be happy. My ego has had it's turn to make it's case in my life and it has come up lacking. Now I get to let the happiness of my soul have it's turn and all it has done is fill me with humility and peace, which has given me courage, strength and wisdom.

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