Thursday, March 22, 2012

My mind's eye (#1147)

The one sure fire way to keep from losing my perspective is to never forget what I hope and wish for the future. I can do that because I Imagine our world in it's best light. I look through the haze of the present and all the confusion going on around me and maintain my mind's eye. My mind's eye, That place within me that sees without using my two physical eyes. It is the place where everything is possible. Not only possible but expected and certainly attainable. Of course in reality outside my head, the real world exists. The real world has not the vision to rise to the level of optimism that my mind's eye does but the foundation for the vision to exist is possible. Sadly though the two of them are far enough apart to make them inconceivable at this time. But I do remain hopeful that at some point in time in our future, my mind's eye's vision and reality can close that wide gap and become nearly one. So what is this particular boy to do about reality in the meantime? Work to express the distinctions that exist and help to make them less distinct. I only have the rest of my life to offer but it is something and with a purpose, it can be effectively formidable. How I use my influence in shaping understanding toward better policy is the question, not whether I can or not. It is up to me to be responsible for what I do and how much effort I put into whatever dynamic of expression I choose. Certainly being cogent and efficient in my message of the vision of how I see a better world goes a long way toward how successful I am in expressing my vision, but knowing where my foundation to begin with is, and knowing what I can do, makes me happy in the idea that what could be and what is, are not unbridgeable.

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