Sunday, March 18, 2012

The necessity of the human species (#1143)

In the Universe, of which there is no known limit, I can positively state that we humans have a role to live and it's purpose is all within our natures. We did not devise our existence here, the Universe and it's unknown forces of life-giving did. Whether by accident or some design, we are here with the natures we have. We and our natures could not have come from outside the Universe so we are made up of what is from within the Universe. Now I may get some arguments on my last statement but logic and physics seem to back my position so I will go with it. As such, being a part of the Universe and it's percentage of bits and pieces, I can only conclude that our natures of compassion and curiosity, which are our two main natures, along with survival, have something to do with the rest of the Universe. I am linking thoughts here much in the same way logic is linked by premises to get to some rough reason for our existence. Since no other known species has our unique quality of advancing innovation and technology to the point of rationalization and self-determinism without another physical entity sovereign to stop us, we are it when it comes to deciding how we apply our abilities to the Universe. It is as if the human species is the only species capable of exploring and analyzing the unknown without a predetermined outcome. We are the ones writing the rules and the history of our environment. Naturally, we are cautious in our approach to discovery of the bounds that encapsulate us but nonetheless, we are not hindered by anything that we can find solutions toward. We decide what and if, when it comes to our destiny. The Universe has it's own physics and laws that must be respected but they do not obstruct our concepts of over coming them when we do.

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