Sunday, March 25, 2012

Reality, ignore it at your own peril (#1150)

It seems that our work is never done. Many have taken the tact that I've got mine so I don't need to pay attention to what is going on around me. I can just enjoy life and live carefree. That is a huge mistake in perception and action. It couldn't be much further from the truth. We are in a constant battle with forces that want to erase our current progressive society and return it to a cold and callous one of the earlier centuries. At no time in our history have such forces marshalled their resources to attack the very foundation of our American society, our democracy. While the allure of success and the benefits that brings, can distract us from reality, we are better off ignoring the pleasures of life as a first priority and focus on the damage being done to the inner workings of our rights and freedoms. We must return to our defense of our way of life as quickly as possible, since those who would rob us of them are determined and focused on their nefarious mission. I am not being overly cautious here, as I know it is hard to believe that some Americans would want to take our hard earned advances and reverse them, but they do. If we continue to not pay attention and just dismiss their slow advance on negating our rights, we will find we have less to protect ourselves with, from their strategy of dominion. Yes, there are Americans who still think that inequality is perfectly normal and not only that, worth fighting to maintain. We, as Americans, have not all risen to enlightened status together. There remains among us some very powerful Americans who want to return to the days where only a few and privileged elite rule our country in an egoistic paternal way. So my message here is if you keep ignoring reality for the sake of pleasure then you will find yourself alone and without rights and privileges you took for granted.

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