Wednesday, March 28, 2012

We were born to learn (#1153)

Despite any other definition as to what our purpose here in existence is, an only for certain known is that we are inherently able to learn and retain knowledge. Now of course I also allow that we are caring, and fight to survive as well but for this discussion I am focusing on our sensory perceptions and mental data storage. I have said many times that we are like a data processing unit, only that we are biological and have a sense of dimension. We also have, and this is crucial, the ability to remember. There are not many large scale programs we have initiated to help us remember everything we have ever learned but the future may hold that type of paradigm for us. We are still stuck in the morass of struggle and as we struggle we often give in to the allure of mind numbing intoxications. Frustration and not having life goal ambitions are our muse in order to vacate thoughts of what we could be as opposed to what we let ourselves become. We are uniquely qualified to be special as a species and knowing this fact, we tend to allay the gift and sputter around in ways that keep us static. I am an efficient type person in that I hate to waste time doing something that can be done with, and other things have taken their place in the meantime. However, we are not so much interested in what is our nature as we are interested in living a life of sensory experiences. As if we are all on a cruise ship just whiling away time like we are the masters of it. Eventually we will get back to our roots, our nature of learning, and then we will be on the track to our existence as it should be, putting nothing ahead of our nature to learn.

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