Monday, April 16, 2012

All of us are forgiven (#1172)

There is something within our mind and soul that requires us to be forgiven when we have transgressed our, and society's, laws and mores. When we do fall short or are reminded of a past bad behavior, we acquire a low self-esteem that can be inhibiting to our present and future. Most use religion to salve this ailment but for those who need to find an answer to forgiveness without prescribing a hoped for solution, understanding human nature may be the true solution. We are not a perfect species as we all should know. That right there makes the allowance that we will fall short of thought and behavior we would expect from ourselves. I have tried very hard to keep my mind and body in tune with doing the right things for some time now and despite my consistent effort to monitor my thoughts and actions, I am still making mistakes that make me feel I need forgiveness. However, I don't necessarily need to be forgiven for things that I fall short of in my life. As long as I try to do what is right with the intent to do right then the conditioning I have been inculcated with through society, that being, asking for forgiveness when I do what is wrong, becomes moot. I am not advocating for everyone to dismiss the concept of forgiveness, what I am advocating instead is that we don't need to seek out a person or place to go to in order to find the peace that comes with justification. We validate our own lives through learning from our mistakes and moving forward without continuing the practice of circular behavior that ends with the continual need to be forgiven. Everyone on this planet who has ever lived has been a failure at being a perfect human being. Our course in life is to eliminate the need to beat ourselves up for all the inevitable mistakes we will surely make.

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