Friday, April 20, 2012

The battle against enlightenment (#1176)

As an older child I used to marvel at how the Renaissance period came about and the enlightenment that flowed from it. New sciences were being promoted and new rights for humans were being advanced. It was a period where the populace could no longer sit back and let superstition and myth divine their lives any longer without question. Modern concepts began to take form with little doubt that the results lifted our species to a new level of understanding. Our history from the Renaissance period has followed the same path, along with technology and innovation, and have advanced our societies and our species to never before heights. What is most rewarding is that our world has come to the path of advancing and protecting human rights as a rule. There are a few communities of humans who are very restrictive of human rights but they are under pressure to allow more in this area. Through human rights as a natural law, we find fewer wars and skirmishes than previously in our planets history. We also find that communication has made it possible for many different cultures to learn of tolerance and diversity. I bring this little effort at history up to highlight that since the middle ages we have been on a course of enlightenment. We are only on the course and despite the wonderful advances we have made, there are forces within our societies that feel that enlightenment has caused harm and should be reversed in favor of the old superstitions and myths that prevailed before the Renaissance. In fact these backward looking forces have become such a force that a real battle is in play as to whether enlightenment, and it's inherent knowledge gathering process, will continue as a reality. Know this, I will battle back against the forces that see our world through the eyes of "gaining power through fear" and with my last breath I will fight their illogical premises and the dark conclusions they advocate!

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