Thursday, April 19, 2012

Experiencing my strengths (#1175)

What are my strengths? Not just my physical abilities but my inner strengths, my character and will. My soul has the distinction within me of being where right and wrong are divined and my heart has it's place as possessing my incredible passion for life and the subjects and objects within existence. As most of us have done, I assume, is to spend a good part of our earlier life just trying to understand what life is to us. That old saying of "finding yourself" seems like a good analogy. But once we have hit upon our understanding of how we live in this world and settle upon a process that best comports to our realities, then what? Is it to sit back and only just ride out the storms of situations and circumstances that come our way? Personally, I had to get past my fears of the unknown and the power some tried to exude over me, but once I was successful at laughing at life and overcoming it's obstructors, I realized that I was free to live life as the strengths of my heart and soul would allow me. I have never been more content in that I have fought my demons and fears and found them lacking compared to the virtuous courage I had within me. My strengths guide my life not my fears. In fact I have come to find that my fears are mostly a mirage of my own mind and as such I have few of them today because my mind has no room for them. It doesn't matter what subject title I use for my daily discussions, my ulterior motive is to help all of us to see beyond and through our own fears. I do my seeing through my fears with my strengths, and believe me on this, my strengths leave all fears lacking any substance. Because of the strength of my soul and my heart, life is fun and allows me to be a sentinel, standing firmly with my convictions and principles against any enemy of our human species, even our own minds.

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