Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Freedom from religious persecution (#1180)

All too often these days I hear the right wing political advocates decrying that America has lost it's identity because we have strayed from our roots of being founded upon as a nation of Christians. I have no doubt that there were many in our new country who were Christians, but the fact that we were founded upon the ideal of Christianity is absurd. On the contrary, we were founded upon the ideal that we were free from religious dogma and institutionalization. We emigrated to America to escape the metaphorical shackles and chains that were part of everyday religious life in Europe. To have so distorted this fundamental truth about our history is emblematic of how corrupt and deceitful the powers that be who would turn our secular nation into a theocracy. Secularism is the separation between free, democratic governance and religious affiliation. Anyone who would advocate for the dismantling of our democracy in order to install a religious governance is trying to emigrate the religious persecution our founding fathers so adamantly opposed by fleeing Europe to settle in our new land. When the British attacked us before and after we declared our independence from foreign rule, we also stood upon our natural rights as free individuals to form our own society. In our first amendment to our Constitution, we stated unequivocally that no law respecting an establishment of religion be allowed nor the free choice to exercise religion be denied. Unequivocal, yet there are forces who cannot abide our constitution and will force whatever effort needed to make our democracy fail for their ideal of a theocratic nation.

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