Saturday, April 28, 2012

Freedom of thought under assault (#1184)

Historically, my lifetime here in existence has been relatively short. However, in that short time my perspective has been keen. I have remained aware of my surroundings and what is happening in the world around me through the technologies we all generally have available to us. Certainly, there has been much information that has crossed my path and in my usual way I sort and categorize it into compartments of similar subject matter. However, what I am finding lately with information gathering and storing is that more and more, information is blatantly false and when the source of such information is called out on it's fallacy, they just refuse to admit they are wrong. So I am now compiling a storage system in my head for information that is garbled as to factuality. It is important not to just dismiss this information. It is evidence of an ongoing collusion by some who would tell us that reality is not reality. I analyze information, it is what I do to find out truth. When I am given less and less information that leads me to truth I begin to think that there are those out there who don't want me to think for myself, but rather, would think for me instead. Now that is just my conclusion, but again, I am evaluating my own experience. No one is better at knowing what I do than me. I am concerned that our society is changing from the concept of freedom of thought, you know logic, premise to premise to premise to conclusion, and instead I am given conclusions that are obviously against my comprehensive reasonings and intuition. When knowledge for thought is restricted and processes set up for obeyance are implemented, we are not being human we are being less than human.

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